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my home under the sea by apsara609 my home under the sea :iconapsara609:apsara609 1 0
sati, indulgent
the fear of insanity is hollow
hopeless, hounding.  i torridly tow
this body about, bindless, bounding.
this bed is a pyre, prettily burning
with nightmares with new turning
thoughts with thick ocean dare.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 1 2
city fleece by apsara609 city fleece :iconapsara609:apsara609 0 0 drink deep by apsara609 drink deep :iconapsara609:apsara609 2 0 birdwatcher by apsara609 birdwatcher :iconapsara609:apsara609 3 0
something told me: it is not alright.
it felt like deer hiding from a hurricane, hunkered
under spreading pines, ancestor's spiny castles.  i waved
my hands from a hillside, willing to ride the wind.
it was the telephone at two am, the second that sleep's
cloak is blown away and worry walks in a flurry of adrenaline.
then i wake again, i wonder at dreams that come in layers.
uncertainty took my hands, ugly, and sadness stole my eyes, my ears--
my breath made of madness, my skull screamed sleepless.
i help, i hide, there is nothing left to give from this shell,
no blackbird music for you or for me.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 3 3
loft, midday
today we dance the tango of unsure.  i am opened wide as a spring magnolia, waiting under archways, skirt falling up and lips falling down your cheeks and into a nearly new place.  a step back to contemplate, and where are we?  a dark hall of want, unmapped and enticing.  i call you to follow me deeper, but there is resistance, such webs of confusion in our path.  exhausted, we collapse into a pile of sensation, hands and mouths.
this time it is love, a hesitant love but a green and vining love.  all you are to me, like friend and brother and partner, there is no right answer between us, only of desire with discomfort, consummation with compromise.  complications are all we know, and even as you reel and shake, i would put myself in your hands.  even as you are overflowing with other, i would spill myself around you.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 1 0
gray walk by apsara609 gray walk :iconapsara609:apsara609 1 0
this is madness: the place between my thighs
smoothed out like sheets, cinnamon burn for
lips, burning for glowing for starving for
two needing herons, we eye each other
across a great pond, i move, sending a single
stochastic ripple, reel like a reed, our sticklegs
the approach is slow and i touch
the water that you touch, but that is all
your radiator is uncontrollable, and this place is tropical.  sunset bird is whispering, i make a meshy home in your hammock, curtains of boxers make rain.  only the ceiling is glacier, invite me to your ceiling sanctum that we may investigate my itching rainbows in ice.  live with me live in me, see this music like possession, cuts loose my soul until there is no north, there is no time.
this is our madness, that we need and barely touch, we make a mass of skin and feet and lips that separates so neatly.  we need and a membrane of fear stands unbroken between us.
perhaps i can hold my breath as i go around
:iconapsara609:apsara609 1 0
fervid fantasy
we've crafted a nest on the roof,
branches of blankets and speakers
to nourish us.  open faces breathe
in the saccharine sky,
a mass of feathers petals fleece in
crystalline blue.  spring
is blooming in our blood, shivering
in its youth and electric in its energy.
the moonprism quivers into tree caress
like my body to the waking world.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 2 0
sunday river
the sadness strikes me like a stone,
shock then nothing
yet i ache for days.  battered i am,
a soup of unstable and uncertain
in a shaky skull.
the cacophony coerces me to submission,
surface integrals and the madness of mars,
warring like a deity against
all the empty space around me.
this is a steep slope, a difficult
run, a glide at impossible speed.
under all the snow lies a world of dream,
one sweep of a hand and the way melts
clear, an amphibious land of serenity
sleeping beneath the ice.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 1 1
affinity in blue
the path that you walk through life
is jazz in new form, a jumbled barrage
of sounds, worded all wrong, to
snag against expectations.  shoeless
as a prophet, proclaiming nothing to
the wondering world, and they pass
beneath your wildness, not finding
a cascade of keys down your back, curling
in the sun, and conversations with the parrot
in proud spectrum chords -- this is what
i know
in blue rooms, questing climbing wanting
up mountains of lost and alone until i
can barely speak, following the
breathless saxophone until frantic,
we clasp fingers, sitting apart
under golden lonely trumpet glare.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 0 1
in a sentimental mood
coffee plant, sparse in brown ceramic,
breathes out serenity
to the troubled ones, crazy people
passing through with wild eyes and
flowing clothes
may i sleep in your hammock?
sea bucket in hand, staggers away.
sky shrinks small and purple, bloated
clouds hold what we shed in sadness,
frantically i worry, beelike i buzz,
as they shed long tendrils of wonder and
their roots march to the swirling sky.
:iconapsara609:apsara609 1 0
portrait of a broken person
it is listening to strange music,
jumbled auditory musings.
its body tenses in a broken
sort of ecstasy (the chord
progressions are so perfect,
they should be bottled and sold).
it has four piercings, and two
are infected.  its hair is fading to
the old shade, that of skaa tnaot
when the sun is behind a cloud.
it likes books, and is invariably
depressed upon reaching the last
chapter.  rain is a melancholy
spirit, and sun is a harsh one.
it is not a computer scientist, or any
other sort of scientist, regardless
of what people have proclaimed
its monstrous capabilities to be.
it dreams of catching fish in rice
paddies, placing them in jars
with apple snails and scientifically
observing a conspicious lack
of fish the next morning.  only
life can kill you, it proclaims.
it flounders under the waves of a
ukulele, two trumpets, an accordion,
disjointed and misplaced pieces.  it
has no home either.  it tries to write
(but what are word
:iconapsara609:apsara609 4 2
battlecat by apsara609 battlecat :iconapsara609:apsara609 9 6
there is that moment of perfect clarity, and then
my back hurts again, the wind chills my calves,
milling voices grate like sheep in a holding pen, about
to be butchered, for we all die, and white flowers fall
from the loving tree.  i am sad, for
the sun was a beacon and we did not follow, the bricks
were joyfully holding us high and we only cowered in the face
of the clouds, once more a haze over stars and moon and eternal
radiation, quiet waves of our beginning.
gently, two hands and a soaring guitar
bring me safely to earth, and the drums begin,
spread my home out in front of me like a fleece,
a thriving pond of insanity, and this is
:iconapsara609:apsara609 8 20

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if i can survive this semester, i can survive anything

i want wings that double as a blanket


sara b
United States
cut myself on angel hair
and baby's breath


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